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The check engine light’s main purpose is to forewarn of impending problems with your vehicle. It’s part of a complex Onboard Diagnostics System (OBD) found in post 1980s vehicles that controls and monitors vehicle performance. Obviously newer vehicles have more advanced onboard computers that regulate even more variables than its predecessors. When the OBD encounters a problem, the computer activates a warning indicator light labeled “Check Engine” or similarly with an international symbol of an engine. Along with activating the check engine light, the vehicle also stores a “trouble code” in memory that identifies the source of the malfunction. Originally used to help expedite repair time for auto technicians, it is now governed and required under federal law for automotive emissions.

That dreaded little light on your dashboard is easy to ignore, but the longer you wait, the more it can potentially grow into a serious problem. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to pull the vehicle over immediately and wait for a tow truck, but it does mean you should have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. It could be a simple problem like a loose gas cap or a more serious issue that could possibly damage your engine’s components.

When the light comes on, call on the trusted auto professionals at Westside Auto & Truck. Our technicians can perform a quick, diagnostic engine test by scanning your vehicle’s onboard computer and using our state-of-the-art equipment to help pinpoint the root cause of the check engine light. The transmitted test results or trouble codes indicate the reason the check engine light was activated. Our knowledgeable and experienced automotive service technicians will analyze the data to diagnose, repair, and solve your “check engine” light auto problems. Once the repair is complete, we will reset the vehicle’s computer sensors and your check engine light will turn off. We want to ensure your vehicle is running safely, smoothly, and efficiently. Bring your car into Westside Auto & Truck to accurately diagnose your car’s check engine light issues and provide you with an honest estimate.

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